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About Enigma-Bulwark

Enigma-Bulwark, Limited  (“Enigma-Bulwark”) is an integrated security and risk management company that delivers Intelligent Security Solutions to governments, corporations and individuals across the globe. We use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Our strength is founded in our people, their experience and acumen in providing security, and mitigating risk, for our clients and innovative technologies that expand beyond human capabilities. We provide Risk Management consulting, Security Officers and Intelligent Security Technology Products and Services.


With a global changing of the geopolitical balance, we live in a more multipolar, competitive and adversarial world, and the prospect for conflict and crises, that could impact entire regions is on the rise. These increasing global shifts in risk profiles, and the risks they pose, have many corporations, who spent the last decade becoming part of the globalized economy, becoming aware of risks that 4 years ago did not exist.  As a result, it is time to reevaluate current security measures, look to develop new risk management policies and infrastructure to meet the rising levels of risk, and defend hard-earned positions in the global economy. Enigma-Bulwark delivers physical and security design and implementation strategies that allow for wide industry applications, from cyber to diamond mines, scalability that is manageable at all points along the security continuum.

The New Reality

A more multipolar, competitive and adversarial world is taking shape, and the potential for interstate conflict and crises that impact entire regions is rising to levels not seen in decades.

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