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Integrated Intelligence Solutions

We enable client operations, protecting people, assets and reputations through intelligence-led solutions around the world.

Risk Management Solutions

As well as delivering a comprehensive range of risk management services, Enigma-Bulwark is one of the preferred suppliers of protective services to a range of clients requiring services that rarely fit the conventional model. Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, at-risk individuals and companies utilize Enigma-Bulwark for discrete, high-risk, holistic protective security that incorporates all aspects of physical, technical and intelligence-based solutions.

Integrated Security Solutions

In accordance with state laws and specifications, the aim of Enigma-Bulwark is to provide professional, highly trained, fully vetted and insured security and customer services-oriented operatives and teams for an extensive range of specialized hospitality and security services. By providing total hospitality and security solutions to both the public and private sectors, our clients receive services that are second to none.

Maritime Security Innovative Solutions

Maritime security is vital to national as well as human safety, and it is linked to economic development. Throughout history, the majority of trade was done via sea routes, and maritime security played a vital role in economic development. As geopolitical control changes from the Atlantic to the Pacific, all players must pay close attention to the vast maritime region that  stretches from the Cape of Good Hope to the Strait of Malacca. The global maritime security market was valued at USD 17.13 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach USD 25.75 billion by 2023. Maritime terrorism, gun-running, drug trafficking, piracy, and other non-traditional seaborne attacks have increased exponentially and they threaten many nations today. Our solutions include the provision of physical manned security and technology offerings to protect cargos and mitigate risk at all stages of the logistics process

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