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Innovative Drone Technology

We are licensed in Food Safety, Industrial Applications, Terrestrial & Extraterrestrial Exploration, Mining  & Expedition.

In recent years drone availability and technology has developed significantly. Despite the improvements most drone systems are still limited by battery, control signal, and reliability issues.  Many of the industries that could most benefit from drone technology have not been able to take advantage of the advances. We proudly provide Enigma-Bulwark drone technology that can be customized to meet your application needs.

The illustrative embodiments provide a tethered drone system, platform, and method including a tethered drone and a tether. The tether includes a conductor to communicate at least power and control signals. The tethered drone system further includes a control system configured to receive the tethered drone. The control system provides power for the tethered drone. The control system includes a user interface for managing the control signals. Another embodiment provides a method for utilizing a tethered drone. The method may include activating controls for the tethered drone. The tethered drone is launched from a control vehicle. The tethered drone is controlled from a user interface utilizing a  tether between the control vehicle and the tethered drone. The tethered drone is powered by the control vehicle through the tether.

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Users Command Drones and Droids


Users Can Command Drones And Droids By Land, By Sea, By Air and By Space


Users command from Private Internet Based Command Centers They Control


Customized Industrial Applications

Security: Parameter Management Services

Solar Energy

Industrial & Commercial Services

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