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Product Innovation

Enigma-Bulwark, Limited is an integrated security and risk management company that delivers security solutions to government, companies and individuals across the globe. Our strength is founded in our people, their experience and acumen in providing security and mitigating risk for our clients.  We believe in that technology augmented by the understanding of threats and the ability protect our client’s interest.

Our Product Offerings & Technology

Cargo Containers

Maritime & Transportation

Enigma-Bulwark has a full range of GPS, GSM battery powered units, PearLoxx Secure Locking System, Tracking and Reporting capabilities, web-based Enigma-Bulwark Tracking System, for a wide variety of vertical markets ranging from 30 day rechargeable to 10 years without a battery replacement. 

Web Consultation

Intelligent Risk Management Platform

Enigma-Bulwark has developed a risk management platform that we have named Intelligent Risk Management (“IRM Platform”).  We integrate, in whole or in part, the IRM Platform into all of our client’s service agreements. The IRM Platform is based on a multidimensional approach to delivering security solutions that fit the client’s needs and resources.  We strongly oppose a “one size fits all” approach to providing security solutions.

Mountain Drone

Innovative Drone Technology

In recent years drone availability and technology has developed significantly. Despite the improvements most drone systems are still limited by battery, control signal, and reliability issues.  Many of the industries that could most benefit from drone technology have not been able to take advantage of the advances. We proudly provide Enigma-Bulwark drone technology that can be customized to meet your application needs.

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