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Maritime Security Innovative Solutions

We provide a maritime product portfolio that is specifically design for the purpose of tracking commercial assets, utilizing market leading wire-free autonomous technology.

Maritime security is vital to national as well as human safety, and it is linked to economic development. Throughout history, the majority of trade was done via sea routes, and maritime security played a vital role in economic development. 

As geopolitical control changes from the Atlantic to the Pacific, all players must pay close attention to the vast maritime region that  stretches from the Cape of Good Hope to the Strait of Malacca. The global maritime security market was valued at USD 17.13 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach USD 25.75 billion by 2023. Maritime terrorism, gun-running, drug trafficking, piracy, and other non-traditional seaborne attacks have increased exponentially and they threaten many nations today. This situation has given rise to a shift toward asymmetric forces from the use of conventional force-structured defense forces. Global maritime security is a new byword of securing the sea lines of communications in international relations. Our solutions include the provision of physical manned security and technology offerings to protect cargos and mitigate risk at all stages of the logistics process.


Enigma-Bulwark Maritime Products & Services

Our monitoring, tracking and security products provide solutions to customers that span the value chain of shipping and logistics, including forwarders, third-party logistics providers, shipping lines, shippers, insurances, packaging companies, terminal operators, and government entities. Whether the customer’s needs are to increase security and mitigate theft, terrorist exposure or simply looking to increase the utilization of the container assets and enhance the ROI on the individual and collective container assets, Enigma-Bulwark works closely with customers to understand their security, monitoring and logistic needs, to ensure our systems help create value for their enterprise.

The Enigma-Bulwark Maritime product portfolio is specifically designed for the purpose of tracking commercial assets, utilizing market leading wire-free autonomous technology. This extensive product range combined with proprietary enterprise management software enables the business to engage with existing telematics markets and IoT connected devices, whilst simultaneously establishing a strategic plan to target the maritime security market with its Enigma-Bulwarks Smart Container System.

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Current Maritime & Transportation Offerings

Enigma-Bulwark has a full range of GPS, GSM battery powered units, PearLoxx Secure Locking System, Tracking and Reporting capabilities, web-based Enigma-Bulwark Tracking System, for a wide variety of vertical markets ranging from 30 day rechargeable to 10 years without a battery replacement.

Enigma-Bulwark product portfolio comprises of multiple battery options powering GSM/GPS based asset location and monitoring devices. The product range mainly consists of non-rechargeable units, which facilitate operating durations of 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 years in various sizes and footprints. 

The three, five, seven and ten year devices have multiple alarm input capability, and can interface with additional modules including; temperature, movement, door opening, and angle sensors, which makes them applicable to both standard tracking and specialist reporting applications.

The Enigma-Bulwark developed end user software provides leading enterprise management solutions of all tracking devices including geo-fencing, along with tracking and reporting functions. Asset management and security is a key sales and marketing message for the developing business market that wishes to extend the return on their investment.

Enigma-Bulwark software enables the end user to configure and monitor their tracking units, utilizing mapping, geo fencing and switching tools to provide the basis for powerful asset management and security functions.

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